Knowledge of current market trends and a historical perspective are the strengths I bring to the table.

Customization of my approach to finding and evaluating property for your specific needs is central to my working style. There is no boiler plate approach that is appropriate to every investor. One person is looking for a strong cash return and another may wish to be more leveraged to receive a higher rate of return within a long-term strategy.  Asking the right questions and listening carefully to my clients is critical to my consultative approach to working with investors.

For example, how involved do you want to be as a property manager? Your answer will help determine the types of property based on location, condition, and size single family to multi-unit complex - which may be appropriate for your goals. Developing an investment strategy is critical to formulating a plan that will move you closer to your short and long range goals.

 Four Major Benefits to Real Estate Investing:

  • Income

  • Principle Reduction

  • Tax Savings

  • Appreciation

How we mix and match benefit objectives will determine what and how you buy.

Call (616) 836-2405 or email me and will begin the conversation... Rick