Have fun playing with the numbers!

Rick's Investment Property Worksheet


I created this worksheet to assist you with a snap shot look at a real estate investment property and begin the financial analysis required to make a knowledgeable investment decision. Keep it mind, its a tool where the numbers you plug in are based on cost estimates. Whatever your level of property management and acquisition experience, it is still a great way to look at a property and evaluate the potential return and how it may fit your investment objectives.


For a more comprehensive financial analysis of a real estate investment, contact me directly and we can discuss my Investment Property Analysis Report. With this more detailed analysis, I can provide a customized report that will thoroughly review a property taking into account a specified period of time a property is held. With this tool, you will be able to understand the after tax rate of return once a property has been liquidated.


Understanding the life of the investment when to buy and or Sell is only part of the decision process. You also need to be well aware of how a real estate investment will perform with regards to appreciation, capitalization and cash on cash. This is where working with a Realtor with over fifteen years of experience and a proven record helps increase your confidence in entering the real estate investment market.


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